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Henrik is an internationally best-selling writer whose books have become mainstays on sales charts from all over the world. His writing on human behavior, influence and relationships both amuses and provides insight, and his writing is incredibly useful for anybody who wants to make their own existence more interesting. Henrik’s books are translated into more than 30 languages.

The Power Games

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A fascinating tour around the world of hidden signals and communication by Sweden’s foremost mentalist. Use this wisely!

Derren Brown, mentalist and author of international bestseller “HAPPY”

If you ever wanted to know how a mentalist can tell what is in your mind, then this is the book for you.

Joe Navarro, author of the international bestseller “What Every Body is Saying”

The First


The Last Illusion, Book three

Stockholm has been turned upside down and is shaken to its very core. The illusion has ended. Now, everything is supposed to start over. But what happens when the human race finally is in control over its destiny?

The world taking shape is not what they wanted. Ky and Adam realised that they need each other to survive.

The Lost is the exiting conclusion to the trilogy about Ky and Adam!

“Fexeus … is a master at diving deep into the human psyche and at bending time and space.”

RELOAD: How to supercharge your batteries

RELOAD: How to supercharge your batteries


The first handbook on reload techniques!

Stress doesn’t have to be bad, what is dangerous is when you forget to reload. Unfortunately, this is what most people miss.

RELOAD is a handbook based on the latest research and will give you practical tools to create a fun and energy-filled life – without needing to do less of the things you enjoy.

Written with Catharina Enblad.

The Art of Reading Minds: Expanded and Revised


The classic book is back! Henrik Fexeus has given it a major overhaul and adjusted, clarified and added tons of new information, to create a version completely up to date with the latest psychological research. If you haven’t read it before, this is the time to start!

The Hollow


The Last Illusion. Book Two

None of them could take the final step. They looked at each other, incapable of doing anything else.

“We’re heading back up to fight the grey” she finally said. “To fight whatever is left of Jaquin.”

He took deep breath.

“He’s back.”

Adam and Ky tries to make sense of what has happened. They have been manipulated, and Stockholm – the city in which they live and thought they knew – is just an illusion. They won the first battle with the The Grey, an army of soulless creatures. But the war is far from over. The city needs to be saved and time is running out, it is starting to disintegrate and vanish. The need to be careful is greater than ever. Reality has never been as frail, and your best friend might be your worst enemy.

The Hollow is the exiting sequel to The Lost.

Exiting and intense [with] a mystical shimmer




Superior Social Skills

In Finesse, Henrik teaches a type of social skill reserved for a privileged few – until now. People with social finesse are more often appointed leaders, gets promoted faster and can quickly create meaningful and deep relationships with others. They are masters in guiding other people to where they need to be and can solve a conflict before it gets heated. These are the people who never resorts to small talk and whom you long for to meet again, since they make your existence meaningful. In this book Henrik explains how to super charge your social skill so you yourself can get Finesse.

These techniques not only work well, they are essential. Our social training and empathic skill is on a downslide. We have never misunderstood other people as much as we do today. At the same time, research shows that the only necessary ingredient for happiness is to have close and intimate relationships. The techniques described in Finesse will enhance your social ability and give you the tools to create the meaningful life you deserve.

The Lost


The Last Illusion. Book One

When Ky makes a hole in her wall by accident, she finds something that was never meant for her. Something that will change her life forever.

At the same time, in another part of Stockholm, Adam is starting to doubt his sanity when the world changes in front of his eyes. Is someone toying with him, or is he really going insane?

A silver coloured car follows his every step. Beings whose faces are hidden in shadow. Underground tunnels where it is hard to breathe, but easy to lose yourself.

Ky and Adam meet and together they are propelled into a claustrophobic adventure which raises questions about thruth and reality. Is the world as we know it just an illusion?

The Lost is Henrik’s debut as a fiction writer, and is the first book in the The Last Illusion series.

“Enchanting, strange, and captivating”

Skånska Dagbladet

The Power Struggle


A manipulative game for close friends

All right, so The Power Struggle is not a book. Instead, it is a fun-filled card game for you and your friends.

However, another game is hidden beneath all the merriment. A game where all players secretly are trying to influence each others behaviour by using psychological trickery. The Power Struggle experience will make you laugh as well as send you into chock, when Henrik teaches you all his tricks for taking power over your friends.

Sold in a bookstore near you!

Fun and different, manages to find something quite unique … could well be a modern classic”

Allt Om Brädspel

The Power Games


Sympathetic techniques for getting your way all the time.

Real power can never be taken. It has to be given to you by others. Henrik will teach you how to get what he refers to as “good power” by using practical and simple techniques that will let you take control over your existence while also pleasing other people. This book also formed the basis for Henrik’s analyses of Swedish politician’s expression of power and authority, which he presented on TV4 during the 2014 election campaigns.

Also available as audiobook.

… a genius solution for how to change your life


Get Creative! – in 1 hour


Henrik contribute one of the first books in the new popular book series “In one hour”

These books present previously published material by Henrik that has been abbreviated, clarified, and expanded on.

They are intended to take just one hour to read from beginning to end. They’re perfect to bring along on a train ride or as gifts, and they serve as excellent introductions to Henrik’s other books.

Also available as audiobook.

Improve Your Social Skills – in 1 hour


Henrik contribute one of the first books in the new popular book series “In one hour”.

These books present previously published material by Henrik that has been abbreviated, clarified, and expanded on. They are intended to take just one hour to read from beginning to end. They’re perfect to bring along on a train ride or as gifts, and they serve as excellent introductions to Henrik’s other books.

Also available as audiobook.

How To Get Mental Superpowers


Become smarter and happier, and discover the meaning of life with (almost) no effort.

In this book, Henrik helps us improve our own abilities. We all have great capacities that we don’t utilize, whether it be a matter of gaining great focus, improving our memory or achieving our goals. This book will teach you to make better decisions, read faster, control your stress levels, find happiness and jump start your creativity. Anybody can train their brain and learn techniques that can improve their lives.

Also available as audiobook.

Everybody Gets Some


Strategies of seduction for modern gentlemen and gentlewomen

This book needs no introduction. Henrik’s famous deconstruction of the myths of flirtation and pickup-artistry also doubles as a practical guide for those men and women who’d like to do better at getting some. Henrik presents a new and life-changing view of the titillating social game we call flirtation, and gives practical advice on how to do it. This is an invaluable social manual for anyone who wants to get better at interacting with others.

Staff Tips: It really works!


When You Do What I Want You To


A book on influence.

Welcome to the war for your mind. From the moment you open your eyes when you wake up until you close them to sleep at night, you are subjected to never-ending stream of attempts to persuade and influence you. Henrik explains how this happens, and gives you tools that you can use to influence people, whether your goal is to help a certain political idea to win acceptance, get the children to eat vegetables, or simply to start a cult with some of your friends.

There are few people you want to be manipulated by – Henrik Fexeus är the exception.

Annika Jankell

The Art of Reading Minds (A.K.A. The Upper Hand)


How to Understand and Influence Others Without Them Noticing

Posture, tone of voice, looks, and gestures always reveal something about how people feel. This message can often contradict the words they utter. Henrik teaches you to see and interpret these non-verbal signals so that you can find out what other people are really thinking. You will also learn how to use the same techniques to establish good relationships, and make others trust you and listen to you.

Also available as audiobook.

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